Trump Followers Committing Treason

Photo bt Atoh on Unsplash

Written by Martin Edic and published in 2/24/2022

I’m not talking about Trump. He is a future nobody, a shame point in our history. But reading about the horrific war in Ukraine this morning, and the maniac behind it, is awful enough. But the Trumpies have come out in favor of Putin, a psychopathic dictator.

This sounds like blatant treason to me. Not only treason against our country and its ideals, but treason against everything that makes us human. It is likely that thousands will die or be imprisoned by the actions of Russia today and Trump, Fox, Newsmax, and the entire far right complex in America will be complicit.

I need to point out that even this early, Putin has made threats that imply he is willing to use nuclear weapons, weapons whose effects are incomprehensible to most people living today. They literally hold the potential to destroy civilization as we know it.

And Trump and his guys think this is ‘savvy’.

The last three years have been tough. As a news junkie, I’ve seen incomprehensible events become near normal. But waking up this morning to a full scale war in Ukraine has been particularly painful. I live in a mid-size city (Rochester, NY) that has a Ukrainian population estimated at 20,000. I grew up with many whose parents had come here to escape the spector of Communist oppression.

And now they watch loved ones in their home country facing death and destruction.

After the past six years I think we need a reality check, and Putin has provided a big one. A war like those we have not seen since 1945.

I grew up during the Cold War when the Soviets and the US were on constant alert against nuclear war. It is hard to describe how much this shadowed our lives. It was always out there: the end of the world.

Putin is a product of those times, a time bomb designed by the KGB long ago to detonate at some future time.

And Trump and his followers were also designed to tear our country apart when the time bomb went off. Designed by and supported by the Putin disinformation apparatus.

It all sounds very Marvel comic universe, doesn’t it? Except for the reality on the ground in Ukraine right now, with a full scale invasion with modern weapons, an invasion unlike any that anyone living has seen.

It is the product of insanity on a grand scale. A delusional leader with absolute power who is willing to kill thousands to support his delusions.

And we have Trump supporters lauding his efforts.

To my mind they are no longer humans. Humans have compassion and horror. Humans understand consequences. Humans try to improve daily lives.

Humans do not support unjustified war, death, and destruction.

This entire situation is unimaginable, but as a student of history it has a familiarity. When Hitler was starting WWII there were Americans who supported him.

Things did not work out well for them. We cannot forget or forgive treason and supporting Putin is treason against humanity.

If you somehow write this off as a foreign war that is meaningless to Americans, you are living in a delusion. Go and fill your gas tank in the next few days. Check your retirement account. You’re going to be in for a shock, because oil prices are skyrocketing and the markets are in a free fall.

The notion that Vladimir Putin is in any way reasonable is wrong in every way imaginable. For Republican pundits and politicians to pretend otherwise is shameful. And, to my mind, a betrayal of everything this country stands for.

I, for one, will not forget. And neither should any of us.