Chris Wallace Quits Abruptly: Objects to Tucker’s Jan 6 Conspiracy Documentary

Two Fox executives and one anchor so disgusted by Fox’s democracy destruction project they have flown the coop

Written by B Kean and published in

Photo by Suzi Kim on Unsplash

It was a departure long in the making but for Chris Wallace, it was the egregious lies of Tucker Carlson’s incendiary Jan 6th “documentary” that finally broke his back.

Today, at the end of his weekly show, “Fox News Sunday,” Wallace shocked his viewers and the media world by announcing that his last show with Fox has just been viewed.

After 18 years, Wallace tossed in the towel and to pretend it was just because he wanted to see what else is out there, like he hinted, is his asking us to close our eyes to the obvious: Fox News has gone so far off the rails that no one with the smallest shred of credibility can stay there.

Well Respected

Chris Wallace has long been the only journalist at Fox News who respected the roll journalism plays in keeping a democracy healthy. Fox long ago tossed out the duty of oversight the “Fourth Estate,” journalism, suggests.

Fox, as we all know, long ago identified a narrative that would ensure long term profit creation for the “friends and family” of Murdoch’s world. The narrative was a simple one: keep the nation always in a state of fear and panic and prevent any government action that could solve society’s problems. The more they festered, the more they earned.

Wallace never marched to the beat of that narrative and I long have wondered when he would be fired by Fox.

Whether or not he was eased out, or he ran out after some heated conservations over Carlson’s recent 3-part mockumentary, “Patriot Purge,” that truth will eventually find its way to a book by Wallace or someone close to him. We must wait.

There is a sadness, though, or maybe it could be called a feeling of regret that tugs at me. Wallace’s departure will change nothing at Fox, it will only empower the likes of Carlson. The Foxified herd of lost Americans will now look as Wallace as the enemy; someone, they surely will be told by Tucker, “Wallace chose a big fat contract” over the opportunity to “tell the truth at here at Fox.”

Chris Wallace was a regular, and welcome fixture in the homes of millions of Trumpists each Sunday. His voice, even though it might have been articulating a truth that was foreign to the Foxified, was at least in a way blessed by the demons of News Corp. If he’s on Fox and speaking such things, that means there must be some truth, some might have reasoned — not anymore though.

He’s gone and with him that voice of reason is silenced. Wallace was uniquely qualified to call out politicians for their bullshit in ways that other anchors, at both Fox and CNN, weren’t. Now, he joins something called CNN+, a streaming-service, and his voice, while still authoritative, now merely becomes another with which I will inevitably agree over at CNN.

Something inside of me was rooting for him to stay in the den of iniquities so that he could weekly wash away some of the grime of their deceit and vileness. But alas, a man with superman like powers for seeing the real truth in most questions of the day, he could no longer stomach being in the same place as the traitor and “word terrorist,” Tucker Carlson.

According to an expert on terrorism, Carlson’s right wing propaganda film, one that would make Leni Riefenstahl blush, could classically be labeled as a motivational film for American-made, right wing extremists. The mockumentary is giving the dangerously dumb their “Red Dawn” and the Kyle Rittenhouse’s of squirrel-hunting America are probably planning to get “wolverines” tattooed to their arms.

“It is political propaganda that is meant to rally a support base that has shown a willingness to mobilize on the basis of disinformation and lies,” said Michael Jensen, a senior researcher at the University of Maryland’s National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism. “That’s how we got Jan. 6 in the first place (Patriot Purge Falsehoods).”

Good Bye, Chris

Wallace could no longer be a part of this hate. He could no longer be a part of the most-watched cable news network which openly dismantles our democracy. Chris Wallace flew the coop and we will miss him.

Wallace is known for his tough, but fair, questioning of both Democratic and Republican politicians. His reputation for grilling members of both parties made him well-respected in journalistic circles, but often irked the Fox News audience which showed immense loyalty to former President Donald Trump. That was especially true when Wallace called out Trump directly, including when he said that the former president “engaged in the most direct, sustained assault on the free press in our history (Wallace Leaving Fox).”

With no one left to rebut the lies and conspiracy theories of Fox News, the dumb and gullible will only become more Foxified. With no one left to irk the listeners with the truth, the Fox narrative will race through the few independent brain cells left, fully soaking them in a brine of anti-democratic hate.

Chris Wallace, thank you for your service to truth — maybe you will reconsider?

Our Founding Fathers foresaw a Trump; but they never foresaw a Rupert Murdoch.